Quality Control Management

linked with quality related structure as Production, Quality, Import, Engineering, Raw and Packaging Materials, Warehouse and Plant management. The major task of this division includes:

  • Organization of the Quality Control system.
  • Surveillance of Quality Control System, auditing of the supplier
  • Self-inspection, monitoring & control of manufacturing environment & plant hygiene.
  • Administration of all documents relevant to quality.
  • Validation of process, equipment, equipment cleaning, and analytical method / Performance, alibration of machinery, equipment, and instruments.
  • Stability studies and impurity profiles as per ICH guidelines.
  • Change Control
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Safety of Personnel
  • Personnel Management
  • Increased efficiency of our production processes
  • Minimum waste due to shortcomings
  • And final and utmost client and customer satisfaction

This is why satisfaction on the part of our customers as well as international requirements of good manufacturing practices for medicines (GMP) is a crucial criterion for our understanding of quality. Improving the quality of our products and services involve working to precise stipulations so that positive changes are always comparable and measurable. This enables us to achieve three important objectives.