Manufacturing Facilities

JAWA Pharmaceuticals is one of the well-known manufacturing domains across Pakistan. It ceaselessly puts all its resources into present day innovation tasked with latest machinery to deliver products as per approved medical scales. Jawa has nearly 500 pharmaceutical products enlisted in distinct therapeutic categories:

Sachet Section

Eye drop Section

Cream Ointment Section

External Preparation Section

Packaging Section

Liquid Syrup & Suspension

Tablet Section

  • General Tablet Products
  • Antibiotic Tablet Products
  • Psychotropic Tablet Products

Capsule Section

  • General Capsule Products
  • Antibiotic Capsule Products
  • Cephalosporin Products

Dry Suspension Section

  • Antibiotic Dry Suspensions
  • Cephalosporin Dry Suspensions

Injectables Section

  • Cephalosporin Dry Powder Injectables
  • General Ampules & Vials
  • Steroidal Ampoules


  • Raw Material Store
  • Finished Goods Store
  • Packing Material Store

All of the aforesaid sections are well equipped with the manufacturing facilities as per parameters set by the Drug Regulatory Authority (Ministry of Health), Government of Pakistan. Efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) system is installed in all sections maintaining the required Temperature & humidity limits in all sections.
The Tablet section is equipped with highly efficient Fluidized Bed Dryers in all Granulation Areas in order to minimize the wet granulation time. Cube & Ribbon mixers are installed in mixing and granulation areas to optimize the process. Compression area contains one 17 punch rotary Compression machine, three 33 punch rotary Compression machine, one 25 punch rotary Compression machine & one 31 & 35 punch rotary Compression machine, all imported from China.
In the Liquid Syrup Section, Semi-automatic syrup filling machine is in operation along with an inline automatic labeling machine. Sachet section is equipped with four sachet filling machines producing almost 100000 sachets per day.

Excellent sterile conditions are maintained in Ampoule, Infusion & Dry Powder Injection Areas, meeting all the specifications designed by CGMP. The Injectables section is equipped with high capacity heat sterilizing ovens (autoclaves) and latest machinery in all areas. Special emphasize has been laid on the sizes of the Ware Houses and Packaging Halls which are spacious enough to perform all the designated tasks along with the installation of three blister machines, one strip packing machines, latest one Alu-Alu Blister machine and Alu-PVC Blister machine, imported from China. Ware Houses are maintained with required temperature, humidity and light intensity as per requirements of the Drug Regulatory Authority (Ministry Of Health), Government of Pakistan.